Question Level Benchmarking allows you to see how your companies did on the individual questions in their assessments. As a B Analytics user, you can benchmark your companies' responses to understand their impact and help them improve. The power of B Analytics is that you can compare your network and your companies to the tens of thousands of businesses that took the B Impact Assessment.

To access Question Level Benchmarking, click on Analytics in the left-hand navigation, and click on Question Level Benchmarking.

To start using Question Level Benchmarking, first select a benchmark group and choose how to organize the data. Read more about the benchmark categories here: Benchmark Categories.

You can organize your data in four different ways:

  • Above/Below/Average: organize questions by whether a company's response was above, below, or at average compared to the benchmark group
  • Performance: organize questions by the % of points that a company earned on a given question
  • Impact Area: organize questions by B Impact Assessment Impact Areas (Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers)
  • Alphabetical: organize questions by Question Summary in alphabetical order

Watch examples of how to use the Question-Level Benchmarking dashboard of B Analytics to understand the performance of your companies on the B Impact Assessment in this tutorial.