Create an improvement report for your companies or your network with a few simple clicks!

For help downloading the Improvement Report, click here

The Improvement Report is a series of dashboards in B Analytics that allows you to create and export a report that summarizes the performance drivers and areas for improvement for an individual company or an entire network.

To access this report, select Improvement from the left side bar, and then select Improvement Report at the top of the page. 

Setting up the Improvement Report
In order to create your improvement report, you will first need to set up your report on the "Setup Page" tab:

There are two views for the improvement report:

The improvement potential view will show you the questions where a company or a network has the most improvement potential. The impact attained view will show you the questions where a company or a network has the highest performance.

Make sure to select how many questions you want to see in your report for each impact area:

If you select 10, you will see the top 10 questions with the most improvement potential or with the best performance, depending on which view you selected in the Setup Page.

Analyzing the Improvement Report

The "Overview" tab allows you to see the performance of a company or a network by Impact Area and compare it to a benchmark you previously selected in the "Setup Page":

The "Impact Cloud" tab summarizes performance or areas for improvement by Impact Topic:

The following tabs are named after each Impact Area (Governance, Workers, etc.). Each impact area tab will show the top questions by performance or improvement potential in a table format and all the questions of that Impact Area in the bubble chart. The size of each bubble represents how material each question is in driving performance or score improvement:

The last tab called "Impact Resources" allows you to access the impact knowledge related to the questions in your report. Click on a Question Summary in the Filter section to drill down to specific Impact Resources in the Glossary. 

These resources are the same as the ones companies can access in each question of the B Impact Assessment: