As part of the Large Corporate Certification Dashboard in B Analytics, you can access the B Impact Score Calculationand the B Impact Report.

B Impact Score Calculation 
This dashboard contains the latest projection on what your overall B Impact Score would be if all your entities finalized the process on the day of your search. B Analytics will weight the individual scores of your subsidiaries by size, defined by their latest reported employee counts or by revenue. That means that the subsidiaries with the most employees or highest revenue will have a higher weight on your total overall score.

At the top of the dashboard, you will find the top 4-5 subsidiaries by weight. 

You can filter in and out the subsidiaries with partially completed assessments so you can see your overall score considering only those who have completed the assessment, or the score considering subsidiaries with both fully and partially completed assessments.

Additionally, you can also sort by weighted score, number of employees or revenue, completion, weight, year, and unweighted score.

B Impact Report
The B Impact Report Dashboard will show your overall B Impact Score, which is the sum of all the weighted scores of your subsidiaries. It will also benchmark your scores.

In addition, you can filter your information by impact areas, companies, and completers. 

If you filter by impact area, the dashboard will break down the scores by impact topic.

You can choose to see a specific company or group of companies' scores. You can also select whether or not to include those companies that have only partially completed the assessment.

Finally, you can also determine the type of benchmark you would like to compare your scores with: all companies, your network, ordinary businesses, B Corps, or GIIRS Rated Companies. To learn more about the different benchmark categories, click here.

You can download your data for offsite viewing. To learn more about this function, click here.

We hope this short tutorial was an useful guide for the B Impact Report for Companies Pursuing B Corp Certification features. If you have any further questions, feel free to submit it through the platform and one of our team members will get in contact for assistance.