B Analytics 2.1 allows fund managers to quickly and easily access and update their assessments with a brand new design and experience. To navigate to this new interface, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to:

1a. Network Profile
1b. My Funds
1c. Fund Profile

Step 2: Update profile information:

Once within "Fund Profile," fill out the listed information. Importantly, to generate the correct fund assessment, you must fill out Principle Target Market Type, Principle Security Type, and Investing Status.

Step 3: Open your Fund Manager Assessment:

Once complete, navigate to Fund Assessment, and click View Your Assessment:

This will open up a new tab in your browser, where you will be prompted to log in. To do this, select Sign In With B Analytics:

Step 4: Complete you Fund Assessment:

Once signed in, you will see the dashboard below. Click "Continue" to open up questions on the fund manager assessment.

This will bring you to the first Impact Area of your Fund Manager Assessment, where you can begin answering questions.

To navigate between Impact Areas, click the left hand navigation menu:

Note: To download your assessment as a pdf, return to the main dashboard and select Assess. Here, you can download a pdf file of all current and past Fund Manager Assessments: