The GIIRS Ratings feature, located on the side bar of B Analytics, allows fund managers to generate reports for GIIRS rated companies, funds, funds in formation, and fund manager assessments. 

GIIRS Impact Ratings are the gold standard for impact measurement in impact investing. They are rigorous, comprehensive, and comparable ratings of a fund's social and environmental impact based on Investment Roll-up Ratings. 

The investment Roll-Ups ratings are weighted averages of the portfolio companies' impact business model and operations ratings based on the amount invested in each company. For example, the Overall Impact Business Model Rating for a fund that has deployed $10 million dollars across three portfolio companies would be calculated as follows:

Funds receive a medal rating –platinum being the highest– for their portfolio's Impact business Model score. The IBM Rating recognizes 25+ different business models that are specifically designed to solve social or environmental problem. For example: socially or environmentally focused products or services; underserved beneficiaries; and other innovative ownership and operation models. 

Funds receive a star rating –five stars being the highest– for their portfolio's Operations Rating score. It evaluates the impact of the portfolio in how it operates, sometimes referred to "ESG" (or Environmental, Social and Governance) practices.

To generate a rating for a fund, go to the Fund Ratings tab on the top left of the dashboard. Then, click on the Generate Rating sub tab. 

**Please note that the other sub tabs (GIIRS Rating Overview, Operations and IBM, Portfolio Performance Breakdown, Fund Manager Assessment, Fund Description, and Scoring Methodology) will not have content until you generate a rating for a fund at a specific year, unless there is only one fund rated for just one year in your portfolio.

The default view will give you an overview of the overall Operations (stars) and Impact Business Models (medals) Ratings of all the funds in your portfolio.  

If your portfolio consists of multiple funds, you can select the fund you want to get a rating for from the overview of your portfolio. Alternatively, you can also filter your content based on Fund and Rating Year. When you filter by fund, you can then see the ratings for all years as well as the overall rating result for operations (stars) and impact business models (medals).

**IMPORTANT! Make sure that the market benchmark matches the market of the fund you are generating the rating for.
Select the year you want a rating for and then click on Generate Rating. 

REMEMBER! Before generating a report, make sure to select the correct benchmark for your company using the Market Benchmark filter. A reminder will appear as you hover over the Generate Rating button.
After you generate a rating, the content of the GIIRS Rating Overview, Operations and IBM, Portfolio Performance Breakdown, Fund Manager Assessment, Fund Description, and Scoring Methodology sub-tabs will update. Click on each of them to visualize different sections of a full report of the fund. 

**Please note the right arrow or the left drop down menu to see all the sub-tabs.

You can download the fund report for offsite viewing. To learn more about this function, click here. 

We hope this short tutorial was an useful guide for the GIIRS Fund Ratings feature. If you have any further questions, feel free to submit it through the platform and one of our team members will get in contact for assistance.