Access my companies' assessments in B Analytics

B Analytics 2.1 makes it easier than ever to access your companies' assessments and quickly gather key information about your companies. Our new assessment viewing functionality allows you to view previous year assessment in one place and interact with reports made for your companies through the B Impact Assessment.

Access a company assessment

1. In My Dashboard, click on "See your Companies' Assessments"

2. A new window will open where you will see a list of your companies. Click on the company name to see the company profile.

      Quick Tip: Use the search bar to quickly find a company.

3. To see the assessment the company is currently working on, click on Active Assessment, either directly from list view of companies or once you've clicked into a company profile.  

4. To see previous year assessments, click on "Assessments" in the right hand corner, and click on the assessment you want to view

Now, you can interact with a company's B Impact Assessment in a whole new way. You can PDF assessments, flag questions for the company to revisit, and you can access the reports available to companies in the B Impact Assessment, such as the Improvement Report, the Revisit Report, and the Snapshot Report.