The B Impact Report shows you a company's score broken down by the different impact areas of the B Impact Assessment. As a Measure What Matters partner, you can benchmark your companies to understand their impact and help them improve. The power of B Analytics is that you can compare your network and your companies to tens of thousands of businesses that have taken the B Impact Assessment.

To access the B Impact Report click on Analytics in the left-hand navigation, and click on B Impact Report.

To start using the B impact Report, first select a benchmark group and the level of detail for the report (high level or detailed). You can learn more about the benchmark groups here: Benchmark Categories

The Level of Detail filter will determine whether you view the B Impact Report by Impact Area (high level) or Impact Topic (detailed).

Note: The B Impact Report is only for companies that have completed 90% or more of the B Impact Assessment.

To learn more about how to use the B Impact Report, watch this video tutorial: