As a B Analytics user, you are able to benchmark yourself against the tens of thousands of companies that have taken the B Impact Assessment. There are a few pre-defined categories you can use as benchmarks:

All Companies: Compare yourself to our full data universe of companies that have completed the B Impact Assessment

Ordinary Businesses: Naturally, companies that seek out and voluntarily take a comprehensive impact assessment online tend to be more focused on their impact then a typical business. To help counteract this self-selection bias, the first question in the BIA is an unweighted question asking businesses to describe the extent to which their company values and manages their social and environmental impact. Companies stating that impact management is not a significant priority at their company are then classified as Ordinary Businesses, allowing you to compare your network to a more typical group of companies.

B Corps: Certified B Corps are companies that have completed the full B Impact Assessment and met a high bar for performance. In addition, they have changed their corporate documents create legal protection for their mission to ensure it is preserved over time and post-sale. Their data is third-party verified by B Lab.

GIIRS Rated Companies: Companies that have received a GIIRS Rating at the request of their impact investors.

My Network: This benchmark allows you to compare one of your companies to the average performance of all of your companies