The Impact Cloud is a powerful tool that helps conceptualize, in a graphic way, the impact and potential for improvement of a company or a group of companies in your network as measured by the BIA. Additionally, the Impact Cloud may be helpful to help facilitate discussions on performance improvement amongst your network. 

To use the Impact Cloud, go to the Analytics section on the side bar of B Analytics and click on the Impact Cloud Tab on the top of the dashboard. 

You will be presented with the Impact Cloud dashboard, which will include a set of filters and the impact cloud itself, as well as the options to display improvement potential and impact attained. 

The Impact Cloud allows you to chose and filter your data depending on what you're the most interested in. These filters include: 

  • Network
  • Company
  • Period
  • Impact models/Operations
  • Impact Area
  • Impact Topic and
  • Question Summary

For example, you can filter for a specific company, a group of them, or select all.  You can also select two views: improvement potential and impact attained. 

The improvement potential cloud shows where a company or a group of companies in your network can improve. 

QUICK TIP!!! By hovering over the bubbles, you can see the question summary, the improvement potential, and the percentage this practice represents of the total improvements this company can make to earn additional points on the BIA.

The Impact attained view, on the other hand, shows where a company or a group of companies in your network have the most impact. 

QUICK TIP!!! By hovering over the bubbles, you can see the points earned for the specific parameter selected.

For both of these views, the color of the bubbles represent the five different categories on the BIA: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. If you want to focus on one specific area, you can highlight an impact area, by clicking on the pen to the right of the legend.  Then, just click on the impact area.

The size of the bubble shows the number of points earned for each question. When you click on one of the bubbles, more details will appear below the impact cloud, including the full question text and the companies responses. 

You can always look at individual or specific companies, or all of them at the same time to see collective areas of strength and improvement of your network.   At the network level, you will see how many times an answer option was selected, while at the company level, you can see how each company answered. 

You can download your data for offsite viewing. To learn more about this function, click here. 

QUICK TIP!!! If you want to download only the impact cloud, just click on it first. Then follow the same steps as for printing the whole dashboard. 


We hope this short tutorial was an useful guide for the impact cloud feature. If you have any further questions, feel free to submit it through the platform and one of our team members will get in contact for assistance.