As its name suggests, the Standards Navigator allows users to easily access all the questions of the B Impact Assessment, navigating them through impact topics and areas.  

What makes the assessment comprehensive and comparable, is its sensitivity to the market, sector, and size of the companies, tailoring the questionnaire to better fit the unique characteristics of an individual company. Thus, the Standards Navigator is particularly useful as it allows our partners to know what questions will be asked and what questions are in common within their network. This way, for example, users can determine what questions to use within the BIA as Key Performance Indicators in their network and benchmark companies against it.

The Standards Navigator is located at the left side bar of the dashboard.

To get started, the Standards Navigator allows you to filter the questions based on the assessments type (Full B Impact Assessment or Quick Impact Assessment). You can also filter to only questions pertaining to a company's operations or to its impact business model.

You can also filter questions based on the market, sector, and size of the companies taking them.  This way, you can focus on the specific questions companies on that track will be asked.

Once you have chosen your filters, select an Impact Area.

QUICK TIP! By hovering over the different impact areas you get a more detailed information on what you are about to click on. 

Based on your selection, a list of impact topics will display.

Select the impact topic you are interested in so you can see the questions related to that topic. You can then see the answer option available for each question. An additional feature is that, as you go through selecting impact areas and topics, you can see, on the top right of the dashboard, the total number of companies that have answered the impact area, topic or question selected.

We call this the benchmark universe, as it can help you choose a question as a KPI based on frequency, benchmark companies in your network, and know ahead of time what the benchmark universe looks like.

Additionally, in the middle of the dashboard you can find a link for a downloadable version of the Standards Navigator.

By clicking on this option, a new tab will open in Tableau, where you will be able to access the Standards Navigator outside B Analytics.

Once the data on the Standards Navigator looks right, from both B Analytics or the downloadable version in Tableau, you can download it for offsite viewing. To learn more about this function, click here. 
QUICK TIP! To import data into Excel, select the crosstab format.
We hope this short tutorial was a useful guide for Standards Navigation. If you have any further questions, feel free to submit it through the platform and one of our team members will get in contact for assistance.