This new report is a series of dashboards that allows you to perform longitudinal analysis of your company's performance year over year. This report will help you easily identify trends in how your companies are improving or help you quickly spot opportunities to help your companies improve.  To access this report, select Improvement from the left hand navigation, and then select Performance Over Time tab at the top of the page. 

Draw conclusions and understand year over year performance by sorting the data in the Set Up page. You can sort results by Who, What, and When:


  • Network Performance or Company Breakdown: Choose to view your whole network or a specific company

  • Entity: Narrow down to the subset of your network or to a specific company


  • Level of granularity: Choose how granular you want to view results. The highest level of aggregation is Overall Score and the most granular level is by question.

  • Change: Choose to view all questions (regardless of change), only questions where performance changed, only questions where performance decreased, or only those that improved

  • Impact Area, Impact Topic and Question Summary: Drill down to a specific section of the BIA such as Community or Environment, and then dive deeper into a specific topic or question your companies were asked. 

  • Points Earned: Filter to those questions where your companies excel, or where they could improve.

  • Points Worth: You can use this filter to look at only the most material questions


  • Number of Years: Exclude companies that have completed the assessment for less then a certain number of years. For example, you might only want to look at companies that have submitted data for at least three years.

  • Year: Select which years you would like to compare

The possibilities to provide insights for your companies are endless with this report! Once you’ve filtered the report on the Set Up page, view the results on the following dashboards. You have two ways to view your selections: Score Change Over Time, and Detailed Change Over Time. 

Score Change Over Time provides an overview of numerical changes year by year, based on your selections in the Set Up page. Use the gradient to discern the amount of improvement for each question. Select the pluses and minuses to receive a detailed explanation of that performance change. 

Detailed Change Over Time shows a more in-depth look at the exact changes that occurred year by year, complete with Impact Topic, and color-coded text to illustrate how the performance changed. Download the information to send or keep for later.