Tracking Improvement Targets

Track the Targets companies have set and their improvement over time!

As companies complete the B Impact Assessment, they are encouraged to select questions they would like to improve upon by clicking on the Star icon. The questions they Star become their Improvement Targets. 

With this new dashboard, you can track what targets companies are setting and how they are achieving them on a year to year basis.

To access this dashboard, select Continuous Improvement on the left-hand side bar, and then select the Targets Set tab on the top of the page.

You can sort the Questions Marked for Improvement in 4 ways:

  • Target Set Date: Find out when exactly the company identified the question as needing improvement.

  • Impact Area: Sort by each aspect of the BIA - Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers, Disclosure Questionnaire, or your Custom Data. 

  • Impact Topic: Get more granular than Impact Area and organize by goals within the Impact Areas. For example, the goals within Governance are X, Y, and Z

  • Summary: Sort by high-level descriptions of the questions. 

You can also access all the Improvement Resources available for the questions companies choose to target, which you can send to your companies to help them improve.

To access the Improvement Resources, select a question targeted for improvement, and the Improvement Resources will provide the following B Impact Knowledge for the question: 

  • Instructions: The instructions on how to answer the question directly from the BIA.

  • Implementation guides: Tips for how best to implement the impact concept outlined in the question.

  • Impact case: Why and how this question impacts your BIA score. 

  • Examples: Real-life examples of businesses who have implemented the concepts in the question.

  • Definitions: A run-down of key terms. 

  • Business case: Why and how this question impacts your business. 

These resources will give you insight into how best to help you and your companies achieve goals.