B Analytics Release Notes
2/1/2018 - B Analytics 2.2 

B Analytics 2.2: The Impact Improvement Edition

The 2.2 release introduces the Impact Improvement Module, which is designed to help you identify improvement opportunities, track the targets for improvement companies set and meet, and equip your companies with improvement resources to chart a path forward. A summary of the features published in this release is below:

An all in one Improvement Report

  • This new feature allows you to see the top 10 improvement opportunities or areas of excellence by impact area, for each of your companies or for your entire network
  • See our Impact Cloud visualization for each area of impact, and tailor the report so you send your companies the most actionable information
  • Easily export the Improvement Report to pdf to provide companies with a clear action guide for the coming year
  • Or turn your Improvement Report into an Impact Report at the click of a button, which will then feature the 10 greatest strengths of the company by Impact Area
  • This new report is available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish allowing you to provide it to your companies in their local language

Track the Targets companies have set and their improvement over time

  • As companies complete the B Impact Assessment, they are encouraged to select questions they would like to improve upon by clicking on the Star icon. With this new dashboard, you can track what targets companies are setting and see their year over year improvements
  • You can also access all the Improvement Resources available for the questions companies choose to target, which you can send to your companies to help them improve

See a Company's Performance Over Time

  • Perform longitudinal analysis of your company's performance year over year.
  • Identify trends in which questions your companies are successfully improving upon to help point others in the right direction
9/6/2017 - B Analytics 2.1

- Review company assessments through the new and much improved B Impact Assessment user experience. Through My Dashboard, you will be able to see your companies' assessments exactly as they saw it, and track their progress over time. This replaces the old Progress Reporting dashboard

- My Dashboard has been completely rebuilt to provide more visibility into the actions your companies are taking, as well as their sectoral and geographic breakdown.
  • My Dashboard now allows you to easily break down the number of companies in your network by Sector, Industry, Size, Country and State/Province.
  • The Users Map dashboard allows you to see the geographic distribution of your users, by country or postal/zip code
  • The User Journey dashboard allows you to track what actions your companies have performed since registering. Learn how many companies have started Quick Impact Assessments, Converted to full B Impact Assessments, submitted for review, become B Corps and so forth

- Question-level benchmarking now allows you to benchmark your companies at more granular levels. You can now benchmark against companies in the same industry or country, in addition to market, sector and size. Sort and color the data by impact area, performance or contrast to benchmark to more easily spot trends

- The B Impact Report has been redesigned to help you see performance within each of the major sections of the assessment.

- Fund Managers will now be able to take their fund manager assessments using the new B Impact Assessment user interface.

We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to your feedback!