The below documentation is to best prepare you for the sunsetting of B Analytics. While we are hard at work developing a superior Analytics product, we will be sending a monthly email report with key data points and metrics for legacy B Analytics users who opted-in to receive this service. The report attached to the monthly email in this interim period will include the Company Name, and the current and active Assessments for all the companies in the portfolio. The report will also include: Impact Area; Impact Topic; Question Summary; Question; Answer(s); Provided Answer(s); Points Earned; And, Points Available. The email template itself will include an overview of: The # of companies in the portfolio; The aggregate percentage complete; and, the roll-up or aggregate score dependent on user type. 

Please note, you can access the B Impact Assessment at If you do not have access to the B Impact Assessment, use your current email address and set your password at

For more information on the new Analytics platform, please visit this page. We will keep this site updated with project news and milestones. 

Please follow the below instructions for downloading any pertinent information within each section of the current B Analytics tool:

My Dashboard

If you want any information from My Dashboard in B Analytics, please download using the download button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you’re hoping to view your company’s B Impact Assessment’s completion status, you can view this in your company’s list at

The interim email you will receive will not include the map of your current users, so please download this if it is of interest to you. The download button is in the top right corner of your screen.

The “See your Companies’ Assessments” button will be replaced by a link in the email you will receive. You can also access this directly at  


As we sunset B Analytics, we will be providing you with certain metrics (listed at the top of this article). If there are specific data points you would like to reference in the interim that are not listed above, we strongly encourage you to download this information in B Analytics. 

Please set your preferred filters and parameters that you currently utilize in B Analytics, and download this report using the download button in the top right corner of your screen. On clicking download, select “Cross-tab”, select “Overall Performance” and then click the blue download button. 


If you often leverage the “Benchmark” tool in B Analytics, we also strongly recommend you download this prior to the sunset of B Analytics. Please set your preferred parameters that you would like to benchmark against. Click download PDF. Select “Include Specific Sheets from this Dashboard” in the top dropdown. Click “Overall Performance”. Click the blue “Download” button. You will now have a PDF of your customized benchmarks.

For the “Question Level Performance” tab, set your preferred parameters. Same as above, download this information using the Download button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you use the “Impact Cloud” within the Analytics section, we recommend you navigate to the Improvement Tab, and select “Improvement Report”. See the “Improvement” section below for next steps.

If you use the “Flexible Reporting” tab, we will be providing you with most of this information in the email you will receive in the interim. 

If you have any additional needs, we encourage you to Download All Data in the last tab of the Analytics section. 

This downloaded information can be useful to reference as historical data as well. 


For your Improvement Report, set your preferred filters and parameters. Download using the Download button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you want data on the Improvement Goals set in your company’s network, navigate to the Goals Gantt Chart and download. Select “crosstab”. You can either download the Gantt Chart or the Table – it’s up to you. Click the “Download” button. The information here is most likely more valuable than the Goals Dashboard – feel free to download both however if you prefer. 

Network Profile

We recommend taking screenshots of any of the information in this section. To take a screenshot on a Mac computer, press “command + shift + 4” on your keyboard. To take a screenshot on a PC computer, press “function + print screen” on your keyboard.

Standards Navigator

Similar to the other sections above, select your preferred filters and download using the Download button in the top right corner of your screen. You can download as a PDF or as an excel by selecting “Crosstab”.